My Skid Row Models

So I decided to do a more unconventional photography session this weekend and went to skid row. I'm not going to lie I was nervous about going down there with my camera and lens in the evening as it was getting dark but I am working with the mindset of ïf I wasn't scared what would I do" and went and grabbed some very interesting people. In the description of each I will tell a bit of the story when I photographed them. The Lady in the wheelchair saw me taking pictures of another and was like Im a model get me. I looked at her, smiled...she completely changed my view on models and modeling, yes maam you are...SNAP...The guy in the army fatigue pants, hey his jacket looks similar to something from Kanye West line, SNAP, The black guy said Ill let you take my photo for a dollar, lol, you're right Models do get paid heres $2 bucks Double scale (actors get that one) SNAP and the lady(?? i think) in the shorts, someone told her to bend over and buss it wide open, she was like NO!! Im a lady...yes you are maam'ish...SNAP..I will be back down there, I had fun. There were so many people to choose from to shoot. Some a bit more scarier than others but why was I scared? because they were different? Because they were rougher looking? Wow, how bias I became. I'm trying to shoot models that society would approve of but here I am with people who might have better stories than most of us. Survival is the ultimate story. Many of us have families to fall back on, friends that will help, partners that will step it. When you're hungry you jump in your car and get food, you're hot turn on the AC, cold turn on the heat. Here most of these people hove nothing at all, this is it. No one wants to live in a tent where the rape rate amongst homeless women is high, walking with no shoes, dig in a trash for food. They do, yes there is help, but some don't have the mind to get help. Rather it's mental illness, drugs, etc this is it for many of them. When they go most of them are left unclaimed at the city morgue. After 30 days they are cremated and and there name goes on a ledger. Many may not make it past this year or their families have no idea where they are. How dare I not capture these moments that could soon be forgotten. They may go but these pictures will last forever. Thank you all for being my models.